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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Yesterday was Eid-Ul-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, and all Uyghurs here in Kashgar gathered this morning in or outside the Id Kah mosque.

Id Kah Kashgar

Bejing 2008

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Even here in Kashgar, the possibly most remote town in China from Beijing in the very far south-west, upcoming Beijing 2008 is omnipresent mainly due to the merchandising efforts by its sponsors. Lenovo has appearantly even changed its product logo, now featuring the five-ringed Olympic emblem on every sold computer.



Sunday, October 15th, 2006

I just noted that I am no in the city known to be the furthest away from any sea ;). I have posted some images I have taken today strolling around the city.