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MacBook Alu Problems

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Having worked a week with a new MacBook I have noted a few downsides over previous models:

  • Yes, the display does have too much reflection. Way too much.
  • Keyboard is missing the number keypad available accessible with fn key. Miss it a lot.
  • Can no longer connect my Firewire drives. Missing Target Disk Mode.
  • Yet another properietary display connector.
  • Some DVD medias cannot be read at first and must be inserted several times until the volume is mounted.
  • Update: Broken video signal to external display after display awakes from sleep is common. Also with an external display attached, the Macbook does sometimes not properly awake from sleep.
  • Update: Command-Ctrl Power does no longer restart the Mac. Had already two complete freezes since upgrading to 4GB Kingston Memory. I have now replaced the memory kit and the machine is running smoothly since.