Cyberduck 2.6

June 7th, 2006
  • [Localize] Turkish Localization
  • [Feature] Automatic software udpate with Sparkle.framework (Thanks to Andy Matuschak!) [#300]
  • [Feature] Dashboard Widget included (Thanks to Claudio Procida!)
  • [Feature] Marking write-only and non-accessible directories with special icon as in
  • [Feature] Reintroduced transcript drawer in browser window [#104] and transfer window [#375]
  • [Feature] New ‘Download failed’ and ‘Upload failed’ Growl notifications [#362]
  • [Feature] Display alert icon if hostname cannot be resolved and Network integration
  • [Feature] Indicate estimated remaining time left for transfers [#43]
  • [Feature] Using custom error notifications instead of alert sheets don’t block the parent window
  • [Bugfix] Adjustements to the graphical user interface (Thanks to Peter Maurer!)
  • [Bugfix] Stalled connection and file transfer attempts can be interrupted [#55]
  • [Bugfix] Cannot login with colon in username [#309]
  • [Bugfix] Cannot delete directory from server [#256]
  • [Bugfix] Permission errors when downloading files from read-only directories [#264]
  • [Bugfix] Change download keyboad shortcut [#277]
  • [Bugfix] Certain operations trigger change of character encoding to default
  • [Bugfix] Character encoding issues [#238, #333, #361, #390]
  • [Bugfix] Improved compatibility with certain FTP servers
  • [Bugfix] Cannot upload files to drop boxes [#421]

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