Update on Vienna

December 7th, 2006

I finally managed to merge the current trunk of Vienna into my prototype branch for some experiments with the user interface, especially moving away from the metal look. You can download a snapshot of this prototype build here. Please note that this build is not official at all, has had only very limited testing and is not meant for daily use!

Vienna Prototype

9 Responses to “Update on Vienna”

  1. henrrrik Says:

    Vienna is nice but the interface looks really dated.

  2. Jussi Says:

    Looks great, absolutely great. Just the thing Vienna needs.

    P.S. could you please adjust the monkey test to be a tad easier. I could not pass the first one at all and the fourth letter of this one is also quite illegible. Also Case sensitivity is not for humans

  3. Gareth Says:

    Looks like a nice improvement over the standard Vienna!

  4. Folletto Malefico Says:

    So that’s where the image came from! 😀

    Also, I might find some time to design the icons, if there isn’t anyone around already better than me… ^^

    Good work, indeed! 🙂

    Just a note: it isn’t *too* much like NNW?

  5. Didz Says:

    Nice design ! I like it !

    Have you plane to move out the action button from the toolbar (and to integrate at the bottom of the feeds list, like in Mail or NNW) because right now it’s the only thing that doesn’t look good 😛

  6. nico Says:

    I think the “action” and the “new subscription” button should be moved below the source list, just like in mail. Then you could also put a “resize source list” grabber down there. Without that, it’d be hard to change the size of the source list.

    See also http://indiehig.com/wiki/Source_Lists .

  7. Folletto Malefico Says:

    A little suggestion, as I have written here: think about the possibility to hide also the sidebar (folders/feeds) in order to have a very clean and minimalistic view. 🙂

  8. Adrien Says:

    Great job. I work as a usability specialist and this is exactly what I have been waiting for as an update for Vienna, so thanks a lot. I will however be trying to use it daily 🙂

  9. Anwalt Strafrecht München Says:

    Great work. Looks like a nice improvement. Very cool. See you. Peter from Germany

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