Two Things

February 23rd, 2007

There are two things in India that never stop amazing me, even when I am now the second time here and many customs might not feel so special anymore. The first thing is just how dense a queue can be and nobody even seems to notice (I was lucky this time I had to get my ticket at a different counter). If you have been to India yourself however, what will astonish you in this picture that there actually is a queue.

Junagadh Train Station
Junagadh Train Station, Gujarat.

Number Two is just how large a crispy Paper Masala Dosa can be. (Sorry, didn’t fit for the lens of my mobile phone)

Paper Masala Dosa
Paper Masala Dosa in “Depee Restaurant”, Diu Town, Diu Island

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  1. jeremy clarke Says:

    The lineups, when they do occur, are insanely packed in india, with a backpack on it’s pretty much impossible to even get involved in them. Luckily when you get to the counter, whatever it was (in my case, a bus ticket) is always so cheap that you can’t help feeling satisfied anyway.

    Also, your resume link is broken 🙂

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