Panorama of Tashkurgan

January 26th, 2008

This is a panorama I took in the early morning of 30.10.2006 in Tashkurgan (3,600m) when I was travelling from Kashgar, China to Sost, Pakistan. The bus stopped here overnight before crossing the Kunjerab Pass – the highest border of the world – the day after. I was remembered of this place when watching The Kite Runner yesterday evening. Many scenes play below the fortress of Tashkurgan from where this panorama is taken.

Tashkurgan Panorama

Update: Michael from has just put up a nice picture showing the fortress itself from a different viewpoint.

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  1. Hervé Sainct Says:

    I’m very impressed both by the photo and by the fact you “stitched” it as a panorama right on the move!

    Which camera and software are you using?

    All the best for the continuation of your travel!
    (now I’m going to study the travel map 😉

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