Master of Science UZH

July 12th, 2006

I could not attend the graduation ceremony, but I was informed by my mother that the diploma was mailed home so I have now officially finished my studies in Wirtschaftsinformatik (Computer Science with Economics) at the University of Zurich. Anyone wants to hire me next year?

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  1. open.source.mac Team Says:

    Congratulations from open.source.mac 🙂

  2. Thomas Says:

    Hey Grats Man

    Well you didn’t miss much of the show. I for myself was trapped on the crappy balcony ( the ceremony was held in the aula at the main building) and was not allowed to go in when they were calling my name. So I just waved from above. Then I got the Diploma during the break and went straight back cleaning our appartement. (Ceremony was on 29th).

    Well at least I know what title to print on my new business card 😉

    catch you later


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